Booting from Disk On Chip 2000

Ilguiz Latypov ilatypov at
Wed Dec 12 14:43:49 EST 2001

I guess you can program either lilo or Grub into DiskOnChip to boot off
it, but not both.

Similarly, you can load either BIOS TrueFFS drivers and the binary-only
O/S abstraction layer from or the open source MTD
drivers for DiskOnChip from

I can not recollect the installation procedure for lilo.  You may find
them at M-Sys web site.  The Grub installation procedure was posted last
month in this list.  There was an error in it: you have to reload the NFTL
module or reboot if it's compiled in after running nftl_format.


On Wed, 12 Dec 2001 joao.filgueira at wrote:

> THe Disk on Chip is using BIOS TRUE FFS 1.23. If I try i newer version
> my DonC hangs. I compiled kernel 2.4.16 with the most recent drivers
> i've found.
> I made some progress. LILO says it is installed, but when i try to but
> from DonC it only writes " L I " and hangs. I dont know what kind of
> error is this.

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