Newbie questions

Charles Steinkuehler charles at
Wed Dec 12 09:59:15 EST 2001

OK, I have to ask for help.

I'm trying to compile MTD on a 2.2.19 kernel and am getting all turned
around.  I've found several patch files (in the CVS patches directory, and
on the FTP site), but these all see to be ancient (like a year old or so).

Running the script in the patches directory seems to hook the CVS
code into my kernel tree, but the kernel build system is left unmodified.

Finally, a simple "make" in the top level of the CVS directory doesn't work,
I think because I can't get my kernel patched properly.

I'm no stranger to writing code, or patching/compiling kernels, I'm just
seeing too many half-finished trails to figure out which one I'm supposed to

So, how does one compile MTD for a 2.2.x kernel?

Charles Steinkuehler
charles at

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