BUSWIDTH > 4 (64 bit support on PPC)

Babic Stefano Stefano.Babic at icn.siemens.de
Tue Dec 11 08:35:25 EST 2001


I have on my target (Motorola MPC 755, 64 bit bus width) the necessity to use BUSWIDTH = 8. I have seen in the mailing list that the same case occurred and Jan (Jan Rovins <jrovins at ss7-link.com>) provided some patches to 
support it, mainly for cfi_cmdset_000x.c. I inserted the modifications in a newer mtd-snapshot and, following the suggestion by David, my system works.
I checked if these changes are applied in latest MTD´s versions and I have seen they are not. I´d like to ask if there are some plans to apply these patches. I know, using a 32 bit processor (and 32 bit OS) with a 64 bit bus seems quite weird, but it is probably not so unusual in embedded systems with PowerPC and 60x bus.



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