Booting from Disk On Chip 2000

joao.filgueira at joao.filgueira at
Tue Dec 11 06:51:50 EST 2001

I have a SBC-8241 mainboard with a 8Mbytes Disk on Chip on it.
I am using kernel 2.4.16 with MTD and NTFL support enabled.
I used FDISK to create a 7Mbytes partition in /dev/ntfla1 and formated it
with mke2fs .
My problem is that  either LILO nor GRUB are making my DiskOnChip bootable.
I´ve got GRUB FSF 0.90, compiled it and applied the patch from the CVS
repository. When i try to use the utility DOC_LOADBIOS i get a "ioctl:
MEMGETINFO error" message.
What should be my next step ?

Joao Alfredo Filgueira/ Brazil

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