nftl_format with offset

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Sat Dec 8 04:56:28 EST 2001

niko at said:
> NFTL Media Headers at 0x0 and 0x104000 disagree.

It doesn't like the fact that you now seem to have _two_ different NFTL 
headers, both claiming to use overlapping parts of the flash.

Erase the first two blocks of the flash, which contain the original, and 
it should use the one at offset 0x100000 happily.

In fact, I suspect you should erase the whole device (with 'eraseall'), as 
it's complaining about factory-marked bad zones which are probably _not_ 
actually marked as such from the factory - the normal operation of the 
NFTL format can leave a sector in that state, whereas the SmartMedia format 
mandates that you leave that particular byte alone. 


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