JFFS1/MTD bug-fixes

Aleksander Sanochkin asanochkin at Lnxw.COM
Fri Dec 7 08:07:18 EST 2001

> Hi!
> > > Not having seen any code, I fear that your patch won't easily merge
> > > with mine. But I would like to have a look - it might get rid of
> > > dear old problems, commonly known as reboot. :)
> >
> > Yes, it won't be easy to merge. Though it won't be harder than to
> > your patch with the current MTD code.
> As this is the first real feedback I got, did you have problems
> merging the patch with the current MTD code?

No, I didn't apply your patch actually. What I meant was that your changes
to the MTD code are quite significant, and merging them with our updates
to MTD doesn't appear to be harder than doing so with the current MTD

Best regards.

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