jffs v1 - runs out of space...what next?

Craig Gwydir craig at reefedge.com
Mon Dec 3 15:14:26 EST 2001

For rather evil purposes, we are using the linux 2.4.16 jffs code on a
read-write filesystem.
Occasionally, I use rsync to update this jffs filesystem then reboot.

A problem occurs when the jffs v1 filesystem becomes full.  The next reboot
of the target displays:

jffs_scan_flash(): did not find even a single chuck of freespace. That is
jffs_scan_flash(): free sized accounting screwed
jffs_scan_flash(): free_chukc_size1 == 0xf00000, free_chuck_size2 == 0x0,
                   fmc->free_size == 0x0

JFFS: failed to mount root device
kernel panic: Unable to mount root fs

There is only about 12MB on my 16MB flash in use tho.  I believe rsync
created a tmp file
during the transfer of a large file which caused useable space to fill.


1) Any internal JFFS config settings I can tweak to avoid this condition?
   (Yes, I know, the "don't do that" suggestion works here ;)

2) Has anybody had this condition of jffs running out of space, and they
experience the same

Yes, I know I probably should run jffs mounts as real-only since it is
I thought that jffs v1 was supposed to be robust enough to handle failures,
"no space on device" errors.


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