JFFS2, 2.4.16, CVS-mtd -- mount, free memory, then hang

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Sat Dec 1 16:19:45 EST 2001

On 1 Dec 2001, Michael Rothwell wrote:

> alt-sysrq-t shows that init is the current task.
> call trace shows:
> init

Hmmm. What's its PC? Also what's the PC of these three:

> kupdated
> blkmtdd
> mtdblockd

Backtrace would be good too - I think 2.4.16 should be giving you that.

> khubd appears to be the child of init, which seems strange.

That's normal. All kernel threads are supposed to reparent themselves to 


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