Patched LILO problems

Mr. Oogie Boogie rpreston at
Thu May 25 15:49:29 EDT 2000

Dvir Oren wrote:
> Patrick Higgins writes ("Patched LILO problems"):
> > I'm using the binary patched LILO from mtd/patches/lilo-mtd.tar.gz, and it
> > doesn't seem to pass the correct command line to kernel.  The parameters I
> Yes.  I noticed that the patched LILO does not in fact pass parameters
> (well, the only ones I used were root=) to the kernel.  For my purposes,
> I just rdev each kernel.
> Perhaps it would be a good idea to go over the patches and see if it
> destroys something.

I had this problem as well.  This was a few months ago so my memory is
a little fuzzy.  The patch I used I downloaded from M-systems.  I
mucked around with it to try and find why the command line got mangled
and discovered that it passes the command line correctly when I booted
from a hard drive (the hd was a mirror image of the DoC) or from a
floppy with the DoC as root, so I'm pretty sure it is not the patch.

I gave up in frustration and hard coded the command line I wanted into
the kernel.  I'd like a better solution, so if you find one please let
me know.

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