MTD CVS update: 'mtd/fs/jffs intrep.c intrep.h jffs_fm.c jffs_fm.h'

Alexander Larsson alex at
Wed May 24 09:13:57 EDT 2000

Update of /home/cvs/mtd/fs/jffs
In directory

Modified Files:
	intrep.c intrep.h jffs_fm.c jffs_fm.h 
Log Message:
Patch from finn håkansson (finn at

        * intrep.c (jffs_rewrite_data): Added a missing free_page().
        (jffs_garbage_collect_next): Modified the computations of
        the amount of data to rewrite. Correctly check if `dirty_fm'
        was allocated.
        (jffs_try_to_erase): Better handle the return value from
        the call to jffs_clear_end_of_node.
        Added and changed some printouts.
        Modified the TODO list and the header.
        * intrep.h: Modified the header.
        * jffs_fm.h: Likewise.
        * jffs_fm.c: Likewise.

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