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David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu May 11 05:18:44 EDT 2000

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Add a first version of a patch against CVS grub which teaches it about the
DiskOnChip. So far, this only drives the hardware, and scans it for an
NFTL Media Header. It should be fairly simple to add real NFTL translation
to it, so that it can find and boot a kernel off the filesystem on the
device. It shouldn't even require access to the NFTL documentation - the
code already in kernel/nftl.c ought to be enough.

I'll schedule myself to do that between about 3am and 6am tomorrow
morning; or maybe I'll wait and see if anyone else cares enough to have a

This is sort of orthogonal to the MTD drivers - you could boot a system
with M-Systems' drivers using a DiskOnChip-capable grub too.

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