David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu May 11 04:42:36 EDT 2000

phiggins at said:
> Has anyone tried to get the M-Systems driver to work with initrd,
> enabling a Disk on Chip to be the root device without (illegally)
> statically linking the driver? 

A reasonable short term solution, but in smaller embedded devices, the 
extra code & data required for the ramdisk and initrd support are quite a 
significant overhead which it would be nice to render unnecessary.

phiggins at said:
>  Would the bootloader require special knowledge of Disk on Chip to do
> this?

Not if you still have the M-Systems' firmware in the DiskOnChip, which 
emulates the BIOS disk calls. Which you probably do.

phiggins at said:
>  I would like to use the free drivers that you are developing, but I'm
> afraid they won't be completed in time for my needs.  Any suggestions?

Help with the code and/or testing? :) I'm doing my best to arrange matters
so that I get to spend 100% of my time on MTD, but it's taking me a while to
manage that - for some reason, the CEO wants me to spend time on things 
which are immediately relevant to company business :)


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