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Sun May 7 07:03:54 EDT 2000

Rodrigo Moya writes ("next step"):

> fdisk /dev/nftla -> and create a unique partition for linux
Note that in my experience you sometimes (always?) have to boot after
changing the partition table, as the re-read does not always work.
Also, David once told me that fdisking /dev/nftla when nftl.o is loaded
(which will always be true if you are using a kernel with the MTD drivers
build-in) might not work.  This is to be checked with David.
> dd if=/dev/sda4 of=/dev/nftla1
That will probably work, though it's not a clean way of doing it.  Perhaps
a tarred and gzipped file would be better.  You might even want to run a
regular distribution setup - if you have the space for it.
> /sbin/lilo -> should I use the patched LILO I suppose?
You do need the patched LILO with the patched boot.b file.  I don't if you
can get the patched LILO from David's tree, but it was posted by me on this
list - so you should be able to get it.  Note that there are two patched 
LILOs, one to work with M-Systems' drivers, one that will work with both
M-Systems' and MTD's drivers.

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