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David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Fri May 5 05:20:54 EDT 2000

trevw at said:
> b)	Break the write support out into a kernel loadable module and load
> it as and when required.

This would be quite difficult to do, and is probably less secure than the 
'separate kernel' option - at least with a separate kernel, your attacker 
would have to reboot, which is far more likely to be noticed than loading a 

> BTW: Should the TODO list contain 'develop the driver as a KLM'? 

I do all development as modules. Making it work compiled into the kernel is 
usually an afterthought. If anything, the TODO list should contain 'make it 
work when statically-linked'. Especially on 2.2 where the init procedure is 
far more complex than 2.3.

I've now got my original testbed machine back, which has an IDE controller 
supported by 2.2, so I'll be developing on 2.2 for a while.


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