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David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed May 3 09:39:28 EDT 2000

rmoya at said:
>  After my problems compiling, I've successfully compiled all the MTD
> files, and now I boot my system from the zip drive and I can even
> 'fdisk /dev/nftla'.


> So, now I have to put the system in the zip drive into the DOC. What
> steps do I need? I've been thinking about:

> fdisk /dev/nftla -> and create a unique partition for linux 


> dd if=/dev/sda4 of=/dev/nftla1 

It's probably best to use dump/restore rather than dd. 

> /sbin/lilo -> should I use the patched LILO I suppose?

I assume so - I haven't tried it. I'm working on fixing Grub instead.

> Another thing: it is impossible for me to subscribe to the mailing
> list with my new email address. I always get a response like the
> following:

<<< has multiple open relays and has blocked the ORBS tester.
<<< 550 mail from rejected: administrative prohibition

See and possibly change your ISP. You can send mail 
directly to me by using the address David.Woodhouse at, which will 
only warn about the blacklisting, not bounce the messages.


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