information regarding Haptics class & driver

Hebbar, Gururaja gururaja.hebbar at
Mon Jun 6 09:00:29 EDT 2011

Hi all,

We are working on a new board that has a Haptics device on the evm. While looking at the Linux driver code, we could find any implementation for such sort of devices. The vibrator is Pico-Haptics 304-100. It is driven using a in-SOC PWM Controller.

Is there any specific framework that is followed for such kind of devices. Like directory where actual code is placed, the layer to be called. 

I found a patch top support such Haptics class in the patchwork. Don't know why it didn't make it to the kernel. &

Thanks in advance.

NOTE : sorry if this is not the correct list. Will be really helpful if I am pointed at the correct lists/forum.

Thanks & Regards

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