Porting linux to Stellaris Cortex-M3

Fernando Endo fernando.endo at phiinnovations.com
Mon Sep 26 16:19:39 EDT 2011

Hello everybody,

I'm currently porting linux to a Stellaris board from TI.
But I'm having some problems with the execution of the Busybox init program.

Some info:
- the toolchain is CodeSourcery lite edition
- I've followed the steps described by Catalin Marinas at
- I'm using my own bootloader, based on the script at the site above
and on informations found on linux/Documents
- I've based the mach-stellaris implementation from realview and mps ones
- the timer, irqs and uart seems to work fine
- the system crashes after calling /init, which is linked with Busybox init
- BUG: scheduling while atomic: init/1/0xffff000a

Any idea?

Best regards,
Fernando Akira Endo

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