[PATCH v2] arm64: bpf: Fix branch offset in JIT

Ilias Apalodimas ilias.apalodimas at linaro.org
Wed Sep 16 12:04:04 EDT 2020

Hi Will, 

On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 02:11:03PM +0100, Will Deacon wrote:
> >  			continue;
> >  		}
> > -		if (ctx->image == NULL)
> > -			ctx->offset[i] = ctx->idx;
> >  		if (ret)
> >  			return ret;
> >  	}
> > +	if (ctx->image == NULL)
> > +		ctx->offset[i] = ctx->idx;
> I think it would be cleared to set ctx->offset[0] before the for loop (with
> a comment about what it is) and then change the for loop to iterate from 1
> all the way to prog->len.

On a second thought while trying to code this, I'd prefer leaving it as is. 
First of all we'll have to increase ctx->idx while adding ctx->offset[0] and 
more importantly, I don't think that's a 'special' case. 
It's still the same thing i.e the start of the 1st instruction (which happens 
to be the end of prologue), the next one will be the start of the second 
instruction etc etc. 

I don't mind changing if you feel strongly about it, but I think it makese sense

> Will

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