cpufreq: i.MX6: -EPROBE_DEFER fixes

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at pengutronix.de
Thu Oct 22 01:47:28 PDT 2015

The i.MX6 cpufreq driver can't cope with -EPROBE_DEFER returned from
regulator_get/clk_get. This series fix that and some other small issues.

This series supersedes
[PATCH 1/2] cpufreq: imx: fix regulator_get error handling
[PATCH 2/2] cpufreq: imx: fix regulator_get_optional error handling
from Heiner Kallweit.


Sascha Hauer (4):
      cpufreq: imx6q: Fix goto wrong error label
      cpufreq: imx6q: Fix wrong device in devm_kzalloc
      cpufreq: imx6q: Fix regulator/clock error handling
      cpufreq: imx6q: check regulator_get_optional return value

 drivers/cpufreq/imx6q-cpufreq.c | 182 +++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------
 1 file changed, 113 insertions(+), 69 deletions(-)

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