[linux-sunxi] [PATCH] i2c: mv64xxx: The n clockdiv factor is 0 based on sunxi SoCs

Olliver Schinagl oliver+list at schinagl.nl
Tue Oct 20 15:05:00 PDT 2015

I shamefully admit I have not. My plate is very full at the moment, but 
I will make room for this upcoming weekend as I have a few other patches 
to test aswell. Sorry for the delay!

On 20-10-15 18:58, Wolfram Sang wrote:
>> WIth Hans having figured it out and fixing it, I'll absolutly will take a
>> nother look and check with a scope if it all works out now.
> Have you done this already? /me is always looking for Tested-by: tags :)

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