[GIT PULL] Allwinner drivers for 4.4, round 1

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Thu Oct 15 13:21:59 PDT 2015

On Sunday 11 October 2015 17:26:42 Maxime Ripard wrote:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Allwinner drivers changes for 4.4
> A new driver for the Reduced Serial Bus used in the newer Allwinner SoCs to
> communicate with the PMIC and other devices made by Allwinner (audio codecs
> for example)

Sorry for a belated complaint here. The code looks absolutely fine,
isn't this something that should be in drivers/bus/?

If there is a slight chance that this might be reused on another
soc family, that would be a better place, but even if it's Allwinner
specific it feels cleaner that way.


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