[PATCH 2/5] arm: dts: lpc32xx: fix improper usage of ranges property

Vladimir Zapolskiy vz at mleia.com
Tue Oct 13 16:13:49 PDT 2015


On 13.10.2015 22:36, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 October 2015 18:51:24 Vladimir Zapolskiy wrote:
>> On 13.10.2015 15:44, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
>>> I don't get it. What kind of errors do you see? The existing
>>> version looks cleaner than the new one, as it only translates
>>> the MMIO areas that are actually used.
>> The problem is found when I add PL175 device node to lpc32xx.dtsi and
>> expand the node in my board file. The external memory controller manages
>> up to 4 memory devices, which by means of the controller are mapped into
>> physical memory starting from address 0xe0000000.
>> Below are my declarations, similar to one found in lpc18xx.dtsi.
>> lpc32xx.dtsi change common for all LPC32xx boards:
>> emc: emc at 31080000 {
>> 	compatible = "arm,pl175", "arm,primecell";
>> 	reg = <0x31080000 0x1000>;
>> 	clocks = <&scf LPC32XX_CLK_DDRAM>;
>> 	clock-names = "mpmcclk";
>> 	#address-cells = <1>;
>> 	#size-cells = <1>;
>> 	ranges = <0 0xe0000000 0x01000000>,
>> 		 <1 0xe1000000 0x01000000>,
>> 		 <2 0xe2000000 0x01000000>,
>> 		 <3 0xe3000000 0x01000000>;
>> 	status = "disabled";
>> };
> Ok, got it.
>> Support of EMC device node will be added to lpc32xx.dtsi, when this kind
>> of problem is fixed.
> As I see it, the problem is that you now have ranges that are not
> for devices inside of the device but that are external. As the
> memory-controller node needs both its own registers and the translation
> for the external ones, we unfortunately can't just put it in the root
> node, which would avoid the issue.
> Instead, I would suggest adding a range for the 0xe0000000 area.

Ok, practically it should work for my purposes, but the change must be
done along with added EMC device node description.

I'm not so confident that it is correct to add description of static
memory banks to ahb node though, please give me a short confirmation,
then I'll send a change for inclusion of EMC description -- the one
above excluding clocks and clock-names properties, work on CCF is in

With best wishes,

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