All OMAP platforms: MMC is broken

Kishon Vijay Abraham I kishon at
Tue Oct 6 12:29:29 PDT 2015


On Tuesday 06 October 2015 08:37 PM, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 06, 2015 at 04:06:09PM +0530, Kishon Vijay Abraham I wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Tuesday 06 October 2015 03:41 PM, Ulf Hansson wrote:
>>> On 6 October 2015 at 11:44, Tony Lindgren <tony at> wrote:
>>>> * Russell King - ARM Linux <linux at> [151006 02:04]:
>>>>> On Mon, Oct 05, 2015 at 07:38:13PM +0100, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
>>>>>> On Mon, Oct 05, 2015 at 10:11:56AM -0700, Tony Lindgren wrote:
>>>>>>> * Tony Lindgren <tony at> [151005 07:57]:
>>>>>>>> * Tony Lindgren <tony at> [151005 07:44]:
>>>>>>>>> * Tony Lindgren <tony at> [151005 04:28]:
>>>>>>>>> Based on some tests it seems that the duovero unpaired regulator usage
>>>>>>>>> is fixed by reverting:
>>>>>>>>> c55d7a055364 ("mmc: host: omap_hsmmc: use regulator_is_enabled to
>>>>>>>>> find pbias status")
>>>>>>>> With commit c55d7a055364 my guess is that the PBIAS regulator is
>>>>>>>> already on from an earlier MMC probe and getting re-enabled when
>>>>>>>> a deferred probe happens?
>>>>>>> Unless somebody has a better fix in mind for the above, I suggest
>>>>>>> we revert it for the -rc kernel.
>>>>>> Let me try reverting that in my build tree, and...
>>>>>>>>> And it seems that omap3 legacy MMC is broken earlier in the
>>>>>>>>> series with:
>>>>>>>>> 7d607f917008 ("mmc: host: omap_hsmmc: use
>>>>>>>>> devm_regulator_get_optional() for vmmc")
>>>>>>>>> This one does not cleanly revert so have not yet tried reverting
>>>>>>>>> it.
>>>>>>>> And with commit 7d607f917008 I'm guessing we can't return anHi,
>>>>>>>> error if the PBIAS regulator does not exist as that's not there
>>>>>>>> for the legacy booting.
>>>>>>> For omap3 legacy booting, we keep getting -EPROBE_DEFER for
>>>>>>> all the optional regulators.
>>>>>>> Something like the following might be the minimal fix for the -rc
>>>>>>> cycle?
>>>>>> applying this patch.  If that gets things going again, then we
>>>>>> _definitely_ should get both of these to Linus ASAP.  The breakage
>>>>>> has been around far too long already.
>>>>> Last night's build shows that this fixes the non-DT LDP3430 booting, but
>>>>> DT-based LDP3430 and SDP4430 both remain broken for the same reason -
>>>>> neither can find their SD cards.
>>>> Hmm DT-based boot finds the MMC card for LDP, dmesg below from DT boot [1].
>>>> Looks like you're on on -rc4 and not -rc3. My guess is that MMC is not
>>>> working for you with DT-based booting because you don't seem to have
>>>> CONFIG_REGULATOR_PBIAS in your seed config for. Care to try enabling that
>>>> for both your omap3 and omap4 seed config files?
>>>>> We're at -rc4.  That means we're could be only three weeks away from 4.3
>>>>> being released, and DT OMAP has yet to boot _once_ here.
>>>>> What I find *totally* unacceptable is the lack of reaction from the MMC
>>>>> and TI people: it's just like "we'll break your crap, and we'll ignore
>>>>> reports of regressions."  That is *not* acceptable in any shape or form,
>>>>> and people who do this _should_ have their future patches ignored until
>>>>> they demonstrate that they understand the need to not break stuff.
>>>>> I'm at the point of suggesting that there should be a moritorium on all
>>>>> OMAP related development for 4.4: delay all development to 4.5, and have
>>>>> 4.4 as a pure bug-fixing _only_ cycle for OMAP.  If 4.3 is released and
>>>>> OMAP is still broken, then I don't think there's an option on that.
>>>>> Maybe the idea that development work won't hit mainline for another 4
>>>>> months will help focus the minds on not breaking stuff and then ignoring
>>>>> regression reports.
>>>> I'm thinking along the same lines. In general, I do not and will not
>>>> apply any patches that are not fixes until all critical regressions are
>>>> out of the way. So not applying anything new for v4.4 until these MMC
>>>> regressions are fixed for v4.3.
>>> Tony, Russell - just wanted to say thanks for putting a big effort in
>>> fixing this. I was expecting support from Kishon, but I guess he's
>>> busy.
>>> Unfortunate, I don't have any of the hardware that fails, otherwise I
>>> would of course be helping out more. The only thing I can think of is
>>> to revert the entire patchset I picked up for 4.3 from Kishon for the
>>> omap_hsmmc driver, but then I am not sure if that would cause other
>>> issues...
>> Please don't do that as that will just mask lot of bugs in the
>> devicetree and might get MMC working. Indeed I was busy but I'll try to
>> get this resolved asap. The 2 pending issues as far as I know
> Sorry, but no.  None of this "mask bugs ... might" crap.  Either they're
> bug fixes, or they aren't bug fixes.  This should be a definite decision,
> not some vague crap.

What I meant is the patches merged by Ulf *did* exposed bugs in device
tree (for instance a dt patch caused PBIAS regulator from not being
registered) and if those patches are reverted then a future dt breakage
might again be not caught.


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