[PATCH 4/8] mmc: sdhci-pxav3: enable proper resuming on Armada 38x SoC

Marcin Wojtas mw at semihalf.com
Tue Oct 6 08:08:29 PDT 2015


2015-10-06 16:51 GMT+02:00 Gregory CLEMENT <gregory.clement
>> +     if (of_device_is_compatible(np, "marvell,armada-380-sdhci"))
>> +             ret = mv_conf_mbus_windows(dev, pxa->mbus_win_regs,
>> +                                        mv_mbus_dram_info());
> I would find it cleaner to not rely on the device tree outise the probe
> function. What about just testing pxa->mbus_win_regs ? As it is set only
> if we need it, it should be a good test.

Sure, it will ease calling the function.


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