[PATCH v2] ARM: dts: sunxi: Add regulators for LeMaker BananaPi

Timo Sigurdsson public_timo.s at silentcreek.de
Mon Oct 5 10:39:57 PDT 2015

Hi Kevin,

Kevin Hilman schrieb am 24.09.2015 19:57:
> kernelci.org started finding boot faiulres[1] on bananapi linux-next
> around next-20150918, but it was only failing in some labs and not
> others.  I finally bisected it down to this patch, which landed in
> linux-next in the form of 2d665a8a8350 ARM: dts: sunxi: Add regulators
> for LeMaker BananaPi.  Reverting that commit on top of next-20150923
> gets my bananapi booting again.
> Note it's kind of an interesting boot failure.  The kernel boots fully
> to a shell, but panics after running a few commands.  In particular
> 'dmesg -n1' seems to trigger it usually[2].
> Kevin
> [1]
> http://kernelci.org/boot/sun7i-a20-bananapi/job/next/kernel/next-20150923/defconfig/multi_v7_defconfig/lab/lab-khilman/?_id=5602504359b514be146c326f
> [2]
> http://storage.kernelci.org/next/next-20150923/arm-multi_v7_defconfig/lab-khilman/boot-sun7i-a20-bananapi.html

following up on my last email: I'm back from my vacation and I tried to
reproduce your problem, but my board doesn't seem to be affected, so I
cannot trigger it.

I still think that the lower voltages may be the cause of your problem
with that specific board, so could you please test the attached patch on
top of my patch that you first experienced the problem with? Please let 
us know whether this solves your issue or whether we need to dig deeper.

Has anybody else been able to reproduce Kevin's issue?

Kind regards,

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