[PATCH v2 0/7] Add support for Exynos SROM Controller driver

Krzysztof Kozlowski k.kozlowski at samsung.com
Mon Oct 5 05:48:30 PDT 2015

W dniu 05.10.2015 o 20:36, Pavel Fedin pisze:
>  Hello!
>> This patch set adds support for Exynos SROM controller DT based driver.
>> Currently SROM register sets are used only during S2R, so driver
>> basically added for taking care of S2R. It will help us in removing
>> static mapping from exynos.c and other extra code handline during S2R.
>  Very good news, but, your driver seems not to do anything except suspend/resume. But how do i add
> some device plugged into it? In order to be operational, its outputs have to be configured. But how
> do i do it with your driver? For example, on SMDK boards SROM controller is used to connect SMSC9111
> etherner chip.

That is interesting. What do you mean by that? Although SROM controller
can access external memory (SRAM, ROM) but it is not exactly a bus. How
is the SMSC9111 "connected"? What interface or protocol is used?

>  Currently i use hardcoded initialization based on of_machine_is_compatible(), but i believe this
> would be considered a hack and such a thing cannot be pushed upstream. I guess i have to put all
> needed configuration into device tree somehow. But how? Are there any recommentations?

I am sorry but I cannot figure out what exactly are you talking about.
The Device Tree is the glue to describe the board, the hardware and its
configuration. Please elaborate a little more.

Best regards,

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