[PATCH 0/3] LPC4337 CIAA-NXP DTS changes

Ariel D'Alessandro ariel at vanguardiasur.com.ar
Wed Nov 25 04:22:55 PST 2015


El 23/11/15 a las 15:17, Joachim Eastwood escribió:
> Hi Ariel,
> On 23 November 2015 at 13:43, Ariel D'Alessandro
> <ariel at vanguardiasur.com.ar> wrote:
>> (+Cc Joachim)
>> El 23/11/15 a las 09:37, Ariel D'Alessandro escribió:
>>> Hi,
>>> This patch set includes some DTS changes for LPC4337 CIAA-NXP board.
>>> It is based on tag next-20151120 of the linux-next repository. It has
>>> been successfully tested on a LPC4337 CIAA-NXP Board.
>>> Ariel D'Alessandro (3):
>>>   ARM: dts: lpc4337-ciaa: enable EEPROM memory
>>>   ARM: dts: lpc4337-ciaa: enable SCT-PWM
>>>   ARM: dts: lpc4337-ciaa: add i2c0 and devices
> If you want me to pick up the patches please put me in the To field so
> they end up in my inbox.

OK, I'm resending with you in the To field.

Ariel D'Alessandro, VanguardiaSur

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