[PATCH v9 2/2] arm-soc: Add support for tango4 platforms

Kevin Hilman khilman at kernel.org
Tue Nov 24 10:05:40 PST 2015

Marc Gonzalez <marc_gonzalez at sigmadesigns.com> writes:

> On 19/11/2015 20:49, Kevin Hilman wrote:
>> Marc Gonzalez wrote:
>>> +static void tango_l2c_write(unsigned long val, unsigned int reg)
>>> +{
>>> +	pr_debug("%s: reg=0x%x val=0x%lx\n", __func__, reg, val);
>> leftover debugging aid?
> I'll remove it.
> (For my education, we're not supposed to use any pr_debug calls?)

pr_debug() are fine to leave if you want them, but I assumed it was just
a leftover as it didn't seem generally useful.

>>> +ENTRY(tango_smc)
>>> +	push	{lr}
>>> +	mov	ip, r1
>>> +	dsb	/* This barrier is probably unnecessary */
>> Then remove it?
> This was discussed in v8. It's probably cargo cult from OMAP,
> but the performance hit is negligible, and I don't have time
> to properly analyze the code path. I just wanted to add the
> comment in case someone copied my code.



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