[PATCH 1/2] mmc: sdhci: set bus voltage before enabling bus power

Ulf Hansson ulf.hansson at linaro.org
Tue Nov 24 07:17:15 PST 2015


>> > This one to not write an invalid voltage in the power control register
>> > even if we have an external regulator for vmmc.
>> >
>> As I stated earlier, according to the SDHCI spec in the section for
>> the Power Control Register. Bit 0 needs to be set when communicating
>> with the card as it will for
>> example enable the clock.
> I am okay with bit 0. I don't want to change this part, it will be done
> later in sdhci_set_power(). My concern is only about bit 3-1, I want to
> go through the switch statement.

For those variants that have a VMMC and don't care about the other
bits (1->3), it means executing code that isn't needed.

Instead, as I have been telling people several times by now, let's
convert the "sdhci core" into a library, so each variant can pick and
do what suite them best.

>> I suspect if I apply your patch several sdhci variants would break,
>> don't you think?
> I wouldn't sign it with my blood but I don't think so. It seems they
> don't care about the SD bus Voltage since they work with an unsupported
> voltage.

You may very well be right, that it doesn't break anything. But in
this case I really don't want to take the risk.

As stated above, the proper solution would be that sdhci_set_power()
should be split up in smaller pieces, where each piece may become a
library function. Each host variant can then decide what to use.

Future wise, that would mean when changing a library function, it will
affect the subset of the sdhci variants that actually use it and not
*all* sdhci variants. Moreover it will lead to optimized code.

Kind regards

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