[RFC/PATCH] arm: do not skip SMP init calls on SMP_ON_UP case

Nikita Yushchenko nyushchenko at dev.rtsoft.ru
Mon Nov 23 04:06:52 PST 2015

23.11.2015 15:03, Russell King - ARM Linux пишет:
> On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 02:59:06PM +0300, nyushchenko at dev.rtsoft.ru wrote:
>> From: Nikita Yushchenko <nyushchenko at dev.rtsoft.ru>
>> While running an imx6s boasrd, I got following message in boot log:
>> [    0.032414] CPU1: failed to boot: -38
>> This looked strange: imx6s is singe-core and kernel perfectly knows
>> that. However, for some reason it tries to initialize CPU 1?
>> I found this to be caused by
>> - CONFIG_SMP_ON_UP successfully detects that system is single core,
>> - this causes is_smp() to return false,
>> - this causes setup_arch() to skip smp_init_cpus() call,
>> - this skips board-specific code that sets cpu_possible mask.
> Right, so you should end up with the possible and present masks
> containing just one CPU, which should prevent the kernel trying to
> bring any secondary CPUs online.

Kernel that is running here still tries to init CPU 1 for some reason.

Will try to check mainline (although not sure if that will be possible
on available custom hardware)

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