stm32: stm32f429-discovery: toolchain setup and image flashing questions

Jake Swensen jdswensen.linuxdev at
Thu Nov 19 13:24:07 PST 2015

I'm trying to develop a Linux application on the STM32F429-Discovery board and
having some trouble booting after flashing the Linux image I've compiled.
I've been following the steps outlined at, so my first
question would be is the information on this wiki still up to date? If not, can
anyone point me to a better source? Right now I'm using the bare-metal
u-boot, and the a fork of the mainline kernel hosted at I'm not concerned with busybox quite

I can successfully compile and flash u-boot (using the texane tools).
On reset, it drops me into the u-boot shell because it can't find the
kernel (expected). After flashing the dtb and xip to 0x08004000 and
0x08008000, u-boot doesn't display any standard boot messages at all.
Are these memory locations still correct, or am I missing something else?


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