[PATCH] crypto: atmel: fix 64-bit warnings

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Tue Nov 17 01:22:06 PST 2015

The atmel AES driver assumes that 'int' and 'size_t' are the same
type in multiple locations, which the compiler warns about when
building it for 64-bit systems:

In file included from ../drivers/crypto/atmel-aes.c:17:0:
drivers/crypto/atmel-aes.c: In function 'atmel_aes_sg_copy':
include/linux/kernel.h:724:17: warning: comparison of distinct pointer types lacks a cast
drivers/crypto/atmel-aes.c:448:11: note: in expansion of macro 'min'

drivers/crypto/atmel-aes.c: In function 'atmel_aes_crypt_dma_stop':
include/linux/kern_levels.h:4:18: warning: format '%u' expects argument of type 'unsigned int', but argument 2 has type 'size_t {aka long unsigned int}' [-Wformat=]

This changes the format strings to use the %z modifier when printing
a size_t, and makes sure that we use the correct size_t type where
needed. In case of sg_dma_len(), the type of the result depends
on CONFIG_NEED_SG_DMA_LENGTH, so we have to use min_t to get it to
work in all configurations.

Signed-off-by: Arnd Bergmann <arnd at arndb.de>

diff --git a/drivers/crypto/atmel-aes.c b/drivers/crypto/atmel-aes.c
index fb16d812c8f5..bfb1f799bf56 100644
--- a/drivers/crypto/atmel-aes.c
+++ b/drivers/crypto/atmel-aes.c
@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@ static int atmel_aes_sg_length(struct ablkcipher_request *req,
 static int atmel_aes_sg_copy(struct scatterlist **sg, size_t *offset,
 			void *buf, size_t buflen, size_t total, int out)
-	unsigned int count, off = 0;
+	size_t count, off = 0;
 	while (buflen && total) {
 		count = min((*sg)->length - *offset, total);
@@ -444,8 +444,8 @@ static int atmel_aes_crypt_dma_start(struct atmel_aes_dev *dd)
 	if (fast)  {
-		count = min(dd->total, sg_dma_len(dd->in_sg));
-		count = min(count, sg_dma_len(dd->out_sg));
+		count = min_t(size_t, dd->total, sg_dma_len(dd->in_sg));
+		count = min_t(size_t, count, sg_dma_len(dd->out_sg));
 		err = dma_map_sg(dd->dev, dd->in_sg, 1, DMA_TO_DEVICE);
 		if (!err) {
@@ -639,7 +639,7 @@ static int atmel_aes_crypt_dma_stop(struct atmel_aes_dev *dd)
 				dd->buf_out, dd->buflen, dd->dma_size, 1);
 			if (count != dd->dma_size) {
 				err = -EINVAL;
-				pr_err("not all data converted: %u\n", count);
+				pr_err("not all data converted: %zu\n", count);
@@ -666,7 +666,7 @@ static int atmel_aes_buff_init(struct atmel_aes_dev *dd)
 	dd->dma_addr_in = dma_map_single(dd->dev, dd->buf_in,
 					dd->buflen, DMA_TO_DEVICE);
 	if (dma_mapping_error(dd->dev, dd->dma_addr_in)) {
-		dev_err(dd->dev, "dma %d bytes error\n", dd->buflen);
+		dev_err(dd->dev, "dma %zd bytes error\n", dd->buflen);
 		err = -EINVAL;
 		goto err_map_in;
@@ -674,7 +674,7 @@ static int atmel_aes_buff_init(struct atmel_aes_dev *dd)
 	dd->dma_addr_out = dma_map_single(dd->dev, dd->buf_out,
 					dd->buflen, DMA_FROM_DEVICE);
 	if (dma_mapping_error(dd->dev, dd->dma_addr_out)) {
-		dev_err(dd->dev, "dma %d bytes error\n", dd->buflen);
+		dev_err(dd->dev, "dma %zd bytes error\n", dd->buflen);
 		err = -EINVAL;
 		goto err_map_out;

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