[PATCH V3 2/2] arm64: bpf: make BPF prologue and epilogue align with ARM64 AAPCS

Shi, Yang yang.shi at linaro.org
Mon Nov 16 11:48:57 PST 2015

On 11/13/2015 6:39 PM, Z Lim wrote:
> Yang, I noticed another thing...
> On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 10:09 AM, Yang Shi <yang.shi at linaro.org> wrote:
>> Save and restore FP/LR in BPF prog prologue and epilogue, save SP to FP
>> in prologue in order to get the correct stack backtrace.
>> However, ARM64 JIT used FP (x29) as eBPF fp register, FP is subjected to
>> change during function call so it may cause the BPF prog stack base address
>> change too.
>> Use x25 to replace FP as BPF stack base register (fp). Since x25 is callee
>> saved register, so it will keep intact during function call.
> Can you please add save/restore for x25 also? :)

Sure. BTW, since PUSH invokes stp instruction and SP need 16-bytes 
alignment, so we have to save x26 with x25 together. Anyway, it won't 
introduce any harm overhead since one instruction saves two registers.


>> It is initialized in BPF prog prologue when BPF prog is started to run
>> everytime. When BPF prog exits, it could be just tossed.

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