Freescale IMX6 active cooling

Fabio Estevam festevam at
Mon Nov 16 06:51:08 PST 2015

On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 7:43 AM, Catalin Crenguta
<catalin.crenguta at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to use a GPIO Fan to cool down a Riotboard (I.MX6 Solo).
> I've read [0], investigated the driver which provides the on-die
> temperature ( fsl,imx6q-tempmon [1]) but it seems to provide the
> temperature by creating a thermal zone (relevant dts: [2][3][4]).
> I don't know how I should proceed:
> 1) Should I research how can I attach a cooling device to this already
> existing thermal zone? (I believe it involves modifying the existing
> driver by adding new device tree handles)
> 2) Should I create another thermal zone, use the existing driver to
> get the temperature and bind to a cooling device?
> 3) Should I modify the existing driver to not create a thermal zone
> and move the creation in the device tree using the of-thermal driver ?

Maybe you could add the following folks on Cc?

M:    Amit Daniel Kachhap <amit.kachhap at>
M:    Viresh Kumar <viresh.kumar at>
M:    Javi Merino <javi.merino at>
L:    linux-pm at
S:    Supported
F:    Documentation/thermal/cpu-cooling-api.txt
F:    drivers/thermal/cpu_cooling.c
F:    include/linux/cpu_cooling.h

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