[PATCH v5 4/4] ARM: dts: Add Ethernet chip to SMDK5410

Krzysztof Kozlowski k.kozlowski at samsung.com
Thu Nov 5 03:27:17 PST 2015

W dniu 05.11.2015 o 20:14, Pavel Fedin pisze:
>  Hello!
>>> +	ethernet at 3 {
>>> +		compatible = "smsc,lan9115";
>>> +		reg = <3 0 0x10000>;
>>> +		phy-mode = "mii";
>>> +		interrupt-parent = <&gpx0>;
>>> +		interrupts = <5 8>;
>> (is this really level low interrupt?)
>  Yes, according to: https://github.com/AndreiLux/Perseus-S3/blob/master/arch/arm/mach-exynos/mach-smdk5250.c#L133

Although this is different board, but okay.

>> Some other DTS include regulators: vddvario-supply and vdd33a-supply. It
>> seems that they are not described in SMSC911x bindings but in
>> GPMC-eth... but the smsc911x driver is requesting them. Could you
>> investigate that? I think these regulators should be provided (and
>> SMSC911x bindings should be updated).
>  Sorry, i cannot. The board has lots of jumpers, which choose between fixed voltage and regulators for different components,
> according to board's manual, but the manual is very poor IMHO, and i don't understand how to use them. And i use default,
> fixed-voltage configuration.
>  One of my colleagues tried to get it working, but failed. It actually requires more time, and IIRC you need to bring up i2c before
> you can drive regulators.
>  So can we leave it as it is for now? At least it works, and this is much better than no ethernet support at all.

Ok, that is sufficient explanation.

>> I don't have the board schematics so I couldn't verify the GPIOs.
>  Me neither, i wrote GPIO settings according to chip datasheet i have. They are actually chip-specific, but i wrote them in board
> file because on different boards you may use different banks, and therefore different pins. Or, if you don't use SROMc at all, you
> can configure all pins to do something else.

Makes sense.

Best regards,

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