[PATCH] Re: Linkstation Mini and __machine_arch_type problem, not booting since 3.8

Andrew Lunn andrew at lunn.ch
Thu Jun 18 06:23:18 PDT 2015

> Thomas Petazzoni has worked on converting orion5x machines to DT
> in the past, I've cc'd him and the mvebu maintainers here, they
> should be able to comment on what is actually required to do the
> conversion. It's possible that all drivers you need have already
> been converted and you just need to add a new dts files similar to
> the other arch/arm/boot/dts/orion5x-*.dts files and can remove
> that other board file.

I had a quick look at lsmini-setup.c. Everything it uses is DT ready,
so the conversion should be painless.


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