[PATCH] thermal: exynos: add optional sclk support

Eduardo Valentin edubezval at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 21:18:06 PST 2014



On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 08:00:50AM +0530, Abhilash Kesavan wrote:
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> >>
> >> Lukasz, thanks for the review.
> >>
> >> Chanwoo, are you OK with this ? If so, I will post a v2 with this and
> >> the other changes you suggested.
> >
> > Is this a mandatory or a optional clk? What happens if the chip has the
> > clock, but you fail to get it in this code?
> This is mandatory on Exynos7 but not on the older SoCs. On Exynos7 if
> this clock is disabled then the TMU will not function.

It means, that only on Exynos7, outputing a dev_err is the right thing
to do. On other SoCs versions, it does not make sense at all requesting
this clock.

> >
> > Think the rule of thumb is to at least warn the user that you are
> > bailing to the defaults, because you failed to get the clock, when you
> > were supposed to.
> >
> > Besides, warning / logging (even if it is in debugging mode) the user
> > that you failed to get a clock, when the board / platform does not
> > support it, sounds at least bogus for them.
> So, you would rather that I go with Chanwoo's approach of adding a
> per-soc flag indicating the presence of this clock ?



Eduardo Valentin

> Regards,
> Abhilash
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