[PATCHv0 0/2] arm: mvebu: fixes for previous DS213j/DS414 series

Arnaud Ebalard arno at natisbad.org
Mon Nov 24 11:04:45 PST 2014

Hi Jason,

Arnaud Ebalard <arno at natisbad.org> writes:

> This series contains two patches. I spent some time reading the patches
> of my previous series you had to manually apply. I only noticed the error
> Ben reported on v6 (i.e. some pinctrl entries still using pmx_ instead
> of _pins) which patch 1 corrects.
> Regarding the second patch, having forgotten to enable MACH_ARMADA_XP in
> my kernel config, I missed a renaming of ge0/1 pinctrl entries in
> armada-xp.dtsi, which resulted in a non-compiling .dts file for DS414.
> To fix my mistake, you did a s/ge[01]_rgmii_pins/pmx_ge[01]_rgmii/,
> reintroducing some of the pmx_ naming that should have been removed in
> the process. So, the second patch in that series finishes the work to
> normalize pinctrl entries in Armada SoCs DT files.
> The patches do apply on your mvebu/dt branch. They do pass a whole
> compilation (including 'make dtbs') and I can boot a resulting kernel on
> my DS213j. I do not have a DS414 at hand but will test on this device
> early next week.
> I hope eveyhting is now back in order w/ those. Feedback appreciated.

Just tested the series on a DS414, booting a debian on a 4-disk RAID5
array. I do get an IP via DHCP from both ethernet ports. Plugging an
USB  device on rear ports (USB 3.0) or front port (USB 2.0) also works.



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