voice calls on N900 working (off-line) was Re: N900 modem support in 3.18-rc1

Pavel Machek pavel at ucw.cz
Thu Nov 20 02:17:18 PST 2014


> Ok, so realtime audio does not work due to some pulseaudio problems,
> but I was able to record a (silent) call and then replay it with 
> pacat --rate 4000 ../../../pulseaudio2.raw
> on my PC. I have yet to do some testing on the microphone side.

Did someone get pulseaudio to work on n900?

It somehow works for me, but not enough to actually produce sound.

root at n900:/my# pacat /my/pulseaudio2.raw 
Connection failure: Connection refused
pa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused
root at n900:/my# pacmd
Welcome to PulseAudio! Use "help" for usage information.
>>> list-modules
22 module(s) loaded.
    index: 0
    name: <module-device-restore>
    argument: <>
    used: -1
    load once: yes

mpg123 actually works ok after adjusting the mixers.

Any ideas?


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