[PATCH v4 1/4] mtd: nand: provide detailed description for raw read/write page methods

Brian Norris computersforpeace at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 00:06:27 PST 2014

On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 10:46:14AM +0200, Boris Brezillon wrote:
> read_page_raw and write_page_raw method description is not clear enough.
> It clearly specifies that ECC correction should not be involved but does
> not talk about specific layout (by layout I mean where in-band and
> out-of-band data are stored on the NAND media) used by NAND/ECC
> controllers.
> Those specific layouts might impact MTD users and thus should be hidden (as
> already done in the standard NAND_ECC_HW_SYNDROME implementation).
> Clearly state this constraint in the nand_ecc_ctrl struct documentation.
> Signed-off-by: Boris Brezillon <boris.brezillon at free-electrons.com>

Pushed this patch to l2-mtd.git. Thanks!


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