Looking for good references for ARM driver development

Mason mpeg.blue at free.fr
Wed Nov 19 09:19:27 PST 2014

On 19/11/2014 17:57, Victor Ascroft wrote:

> This actually depends on the kernel you are using. Do you have relatively
> new kernel or an old one? Depending on that, either you will get that
> information in a board file or else in the device tree in arch/arm/boot/dts.

I'll reply more thoroughly later, but I wanted to address this question.
We're targeting kernel 3.14.x

> This depends. If you have driver compiled in with the kernel this will happen
> on kernel boot up. If you have the driver as a loadable module, the probe hook
> will be called on modprobe or insmod.

Is this an answer to question 5?
I think there is some confusion with the "probe" terminology.

I meant "probe" as in "read the current value".
I think you mean "probe" as in "the driver probes for the device through
the probe method."

I meant to ask how often the hwmon framework "polls" the temperature sensor.


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