[PATCHv1 2/3] arm: mvebu: add .dts file for Synology DS213j

Arnaud Ebalard arno at natisbad.org
Mon Nov 17 15:23:53 PST 2014

Hi Ben,

Ben Peddell <klightspeed at killerwolves.net> writes:

>>> The 5000RPM was interpolated from my measured RPM pulse rate (4200PPM)
>>> of the 80mm fan in my DS211j (which uses the 150-32-35 fan config) at
>>> maximum RPM.
>> Then, I think I need to change the speed map to have 1900 RPM as max
>> speed. Out of curiosity, how did you measured the RPM pulse rate
>> exactly?
> I hooked a logic analyzer to the sense pin and measured the pulse rate.
> Looking at the specifications of the fan in this unit (an EC7025L12ER),
> it has a maximum fan speed of 3000RPM, so it looks like it uses two
> pulses per revolution and not one as I had assumed when I created the
> speed map.

Thanks for this feedback.



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