[Patch V2 0/9] Refine generic/PCI MSI irqodmian interfaces

Jiang Liu jiang.liu at linux.intel.com
Sat Nov 15 06:23:58 PST 2014

This patch set is based on tip/irq/irqdomain and tries to refine
interfaces to support irqdomain for generic MSI and PCI MSI.

Patch 1 is just minor fixes for tip/irq/irqdomain.

Patch 2-4 introduce mechanisms to help reduce irqdomain users' code size.
When converting XEN to use hierarchy irqdomain, I found the code size
increases about 100 lines. So we still need helpers to reduce code size.

Patch 5 introduces some helpers to hide struct msi_desc implementation
details, so later we could move msi_list from struct pci_dev into
struct device to enable generic MSI support.

Patch 6 introduces msi_domain_{alloc|free}_irqs() which generalize
pci_msi_domain_alloc_irqs() to support generic MSI.

Patch 7 introduces default data structures and callback implementations
to support msi_domain_alloc_irqs(), so reduce burden on generic MSI

Patch 8 converts PCI MSI to use generic MSI interfaces, and also
implement default callbacks for PCI MSI.

Patch 9 introduces a mechanism to replace arch_setup_msi_irq()/

With this patch set applied, the generic MSI and PCI MSI interfaces
are much easier to use. For extreme case, you only need to define
a "struct msi_domain_info" and don't need to implement any callbacks,
just using the default callbacks is OK:)

This patch set is also a preparation for:
1) Kill all weak functions in drivers/pci/msi.c
2) Implement support for non-PCI-compliant MSI device

It has been tested on x86 platforms, comments are welcomed!

1) Fix bugs reported by Marc
3) Add support of MSI_FLAG_USE_DEF_CHIP_OPS
4) Include linxu/irqhandler.h to use irq_flow_handler_t instead of "void *"
5) Change iterfaces to pass in "nvect" to msi_domain_ops.msi_prepare()
6) Add new interfaces/flags to help reduce irqdomain users' code size

Jiang Liu (8):
  PCI, MSI: Fix errors caused by commit e5f1a59c4e12
  irqdomain: Implement a method to automatically call parent domain's
  irqdomain: Introduce helper function irq_domain_add_hierarchy()
  PCI, MSI: Introduce helpers to hide struct msi_desc implementation
  genirq: Introduce msi_domain_{alloc|free}_irqs()
  genirq: Provide default callbacks for msi_domain_ops
  PCI, MSI: Refine irqdomain interfaces to simplify its usage
  PCI, MSI: Provide mechanism to alloc/free MSI/MSIX interrupt from

Yingjoe Chen (1):
  irqdomain: Use consistent prototype for irq_domain_free_irqs_*

 drivers/pci/msi.c         |  181 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 include/linux/irqdomain.h |   33 ++++-----
 include/linux/msi.h       |   99 ++++++++++++++++++++++---
 kernel/irq/irqdomain.c    |   93 +++++++++++++++++++++--
 kernel/irq/msi.c          |  169 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 5 files changed, 502 insertions(+), 73 deletions(-)


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