[PATCH] ARM: imx: temporarily remove CONFIG_SOC_FSL from LS1021A

Jingchang Lu jingchang.lu at freescale.com
Fri Nov 14 01:31:42 PST 2014

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>On Wednesday 12 November 2014 18:42:41 Shawn Guo wrote:
>> I noticed the issue from 0-DAY testing and was trying to drop the patch.
>> Jingchang said someone is trying to fixing the issues from driver code.
>> But it seems to take some time.  So I agree with this partial reverting.
>> Patch applied.  Thanks Arnd.
>Thanks a lot!
>Jingchang, can you say which of the drivers that are currently depending
>on FSL_SOC are reused on LS1021A? I see these ones in the source tree:
>I suspect that you only want a small subset of these, but I have no idea
>	Arnd

Hi, Arnd and Shawn,

  Many thanks for your work on resolving the FSL_SOC breaking allmodconfig.

  Formerly many drivers on PPC depend on a FSL_SOC configuration, when they
are shared on our ARM platform, I add this configuration internally for
quick reference and also some internal developers' requirement, thus I
also add it into my upstream code.

 Yes, only a subset of these drivers are shared between our ARM and PPC
platforms. Since there will be allmodconfig breaking fault due to the
FSL_SOC configuration, we will try to fix this or select another dependency,
I will also inform our driver owners about this.
Below drivers are shared on LS1021A platform currently:


Thanks and Best Regards,

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