[Patch V1 0/6] Refine generic/PCI MSI irqodmian interfaces

Jiang Liu jiang.liu at linux.intel.com
Thu Nov 13 17:39:16 PST 2014

On 2014/11/14 9:31, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Nov 2014, Yijing Wang wrote:
> Could you please use a mail client which does proper line wraps or
> configure yours to do so?
>> Associate the irq domain and PCI bus is not necessary, because all
>> PCI buses under same host bridge always share same MSI chip/irq
>> domain, we only need associate them and pci host bridge.
>> I'm refactoring the pci_host_bridge, make it be a generic one, rip
>> out of the pci root bus creation, so we could put the irq domain and
>> pci domain etc.. in it. Finally, we could eliminate lots platform
>> arch functions. I will post it out within one week.
> That's a completely orthogonal problem. From the MSI/interrupt
> handling POV it does not matter at all where that information is
> stored. All we care about is that it is retrievable via the (pci)
> device which tries to setup MSI[X].
> So we can store/retrieve it via generic functions into/from whatever
> is available right now. If the irq side has generic interfaces to do
> so then this wont conflict with your decisions to change the final
> storage point because all it takes is to tweak the storage/retrieve
> functions.
> So all we need at the moment is an agreed on way to store/retrieve
> that information which is based on the current shared infrastructure,
> aka. Linus tree. If we can utilize that you are completely free to
> change the association mechanism underneath.
Hi Thomas,
	So we need something like:
struct msi_chip *pci_get_msi_chip(struct pci_dev *);
struct irq_domain *pci_get_msi_domain(struct pci_dev *);

BTW, there's a conflict when merging tip/irq/irqdomain into
tip/x86/apic. It's my first time to deal with merging conflicts,
what's the preferred way? Is it working like this?
1) I merge the two branch
2) I rebase my x86 irqdomain patch sets and send them to you
3) You merge the two branch and apply my patch set.
> Thanks,
> 	tglx

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