gcc 4.9 build warnings (was: Re: next build: 2674 warnings 1 failures (next/next-20141022))

Russell King - ARM Linux linux at arm.linux.org.uk
Wed Nov 12 02:48:07 PST 2014

On Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 05:34:54PM -0800, Olof Johansson wrote:
> Hey, look at that:
> http://arm-soc.lixom.net/buildlogs/misc/v3.18-rc2/
> I've updated the toolchain now, so new builds should be using the proper one.
> Thanks a lot for figuring this out. Segher, feel free to update your
> scripts -- I've got a local edit for it here now. :)

Great, thanks Olof and others for fixing this.  Now all we need is for
people to fix their warnings/errors in the latest -next build, some of
which have been hanging around for some time.  Like the irq_reg_readl()
error for the Marvell platforms...

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