[PATCH v2] ARM: dts: sbc-t3x: add DVI display data

Igor Grinberg grinberg at compulab.co.il
Tue Nov 11 08:39:35 PST 2014

On 11/11/14 16:49, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> * Igor Grinberg <grinberg at compulab.co.il> [141111 04:04]:
>> Hi Tony,
>> On 11/10/14 19:48, Tony Lindgren wrote:
>>> * Igor Grinberg <grinberg at compulab.co.il> [141102 04:08]:
>>>> On 11/02/14 13:19, Dmitry Lifshitz wrote:
>>>>> Add DSS related pinmux and display data nodes required to support
>>>>> DVI video out on SBC-T3530, SBC-T3730 and SBC-T3517.
>>>>> Signed-off-by: Dmitry Lifshitz <lifshitz at compulab.co.il>
>>>> Acked-by: Igor Grinberg <grinberg at compulab.co.il>
>>> Thanks applying into omap-for-v3.19/dt.
>>> Are we now ready to drop the board-cm-*.c files?
>> Let's see, below is a list of things that are yet to be
>> supported in DT boot:
>> NAND, TV, LCD, Touchscreen, Audio (CM-T3x30), RTC (CM-T3517), CAN (CM-3517).
> OK great, hopefully that's mostly just configuring the .dts
> files.

Well, mostly... but not all of it.

The LCD, RTC and CAN require bindings/drivers work.

>> We're rc4 now, so hopefully, we will be able to get all this in for 3.19
>> and then have the board files removed for 3.20.
> Yes something like that sounds good to me. We should allow at
> least one release for people to change over.
>> This way we can have 3.19 with both ways supported and do last checks.
>> Are you ok with this?
> Sure if you get the changes posted before -rc6, otherwise
> it will be too late for v3.19.

I think, I was too optimistic about 3.19, but we can try.
Since drivers will require adaptation, I'm not sure
it will be merged for 3.19...
If we really want to make the DT boot for 3.19, we could work and
post the drivers adaptation patches and in parallel (to keep thing
going for board files removal) prepare patches for adding the
problematic stuff via quirks. This way we can keep only the DT missing
functionality in quirks and remove the board files. Once the drivers
are adjusted with new bindings, we can remove the quirks.

Or if we are fine with keeping the board files for a little more, then
just add the DT functionality that is ready and keep working on drivers
until they are ready (hopefully, 1 - 2 releases).

What do you think?


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