ARM: sti: SOC_STIH407 and STIH407_RESET?

Lee Jones lee.jones at
Mon Nov 10 02:56:49 PST 2014

On Mon, 10 Nov 2014, Paul Bolle wrote:
> Your commit c27321141915 ("ARM: sti: Add STiH407 Kconfig entry to select
> STIH407_RESET") was included in today's linux-next (ie, next-20141110).
> It adds a Kconfig entry for SOC_STIH407. That entry selects
> There's no Kconfig symbol STIH407_RESET. And there's nothing in
> next-20141110 that cares about SOC_STIH407. So this entry is currently a
> nop.

You're right, thanks for your diligence.

> I assume that there are one or more patches queued that make this entry
> do something. Is that correct?

That is also true.  Patch is en route.

It should be coming through the reset tree and arm-soc.

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