[PATCH 1/2] of: Make const the device node pointers in of_clk_get and of_node_put

Jean-Francois Moine moinejf at free.fr
Sun Nov 9 11:28:20 PST 2014

On Sun, 9 Nov 2014 18:50:19 +0000
Russell King - ARM Linux <linux at arm.linux.org.uk> wrote:

> What this then means is that it fundamentally undermines the idea of
> storing the pointer to a device_node as a const pointer, as the device
> node must always be modified when you're done with it (because it's a
> ref-counted structure.)  So, having it const in your code is a bug.
> What this also means is that every other place that you've added const
> below is also very dubious.

Thanks for the explanation.

The correct patch will be simpler: in the ASoC structures, I found only
three places where the device_node pointer is const.

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