Network timing (?) problems since kernel 3.12

Markus Krebs mk at
Sun Nov 9 08:56:37 PST 2014

Am 09.11.2014 um 16:55 schrieb Andrew Lunn:

>> I'm using a Sheevaplug (Marvell Kirkwood) with an USB-Stick for
>> storage as a server. Since kernel 3.12 I'm experiencing various
>> erratic problems when transferring files, especially large or many
>> files at the same time, over the network (ssh complaining about
>> "Corrupted MAC on input" or Windows [over Samba] about corrupt
>> files).
>> Turning "offload check summing" off with ethtool didn't really help.
> Try turning off gso.

Thanks, Andrew; I've tried now but that didn't do the trick either.

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